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Burnt Cheesecake

This cheesecake is by far, the easiest to create compared to it’s New York or Japanese cousin. Because its supposed to burnt, cracked, and cooked at high heat, a water bath is not needed. Super easy to make and delicious when allowed to come to room temperature. To make the burnt cheesecake you’ll need 250gContinue reading “Burnt Cheesecake”

Dutch Oven Bread

Easy homemade dutch oven bread with crispy crust on the outside and soft, airy bread on the inside! Perfect with homemade garlic butter spread. To make this bread: 200g polish, 150g water, 20g oil, 4g salt, 20g sugar, 300g bread flour & 5g active dried yeast

Japanese Cheesecake

The soufflé cheesecake originated in Japan and is widely known as the Japanese Cheesecake. Incorporating whipped egg whites into the cake mixture and baking in a water bath gives it a pillowy soft and light as air texture. It’s super delicious! What we need to bake two 6-inch cake: 250g cream cheese, 125g milk, 75g butter, 6 eggs, 170g sugar,Continue reading “Japanese Cheesecake”

Banana Custard Pie

Pies made with fresh fruits are delicious when they are minutes out of the oven. There are 3 parts to this fabulous pie – the crust, the custard and the crumble.Recipe serves 6. 305 calories per serving (but it’s worth it!). What we need: Crust: 50g salted butter, 100g plain flourCustard: 100g milk, 25g sugar,Continue reading “Banana Custard Pie”

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